6 Reasons your next event needs a SUGAH Photo Booth

6 Reasons your next event needs a SUGAH Photo Booth

I think we can all agree that getting that “WOW” factor for your next event can be a bit difficult to achieve… Or is it?
Well, it turns out you can easily add a functional , interactive talking point to your event that is guranteed to create memories! You guessed it, your event NEEDS a SUGAH Photo Booth!

This post will show you how a SUGAH Photo Booth enhances your event and what you need to get one set up !

1. Increase the FUN with a photo booth

Any and everyone enjoys a SUGAH Photo Booth; from children to grandparents! Our props makes it really easy for guests to join in and take some fun and memorable silly photos. Keep the spirit of your event light and jovial with a SUGAH Photo Booth. BTW we are not limited to photos only. Guests can be creative and star in thier own animated Gif!

2. Smiles and conversation are a match made in heaven!

Nothing is more inviting that smiling happy guests! SSUGAH Photo Booths often becomes the HUB of converstion at an event. Guests have the opportunity to interact with each other and make new friends. The SUGAH Photo Booth allows guests to talk to each other and talk about your event long after it’s over!

3. Need a keepsake? DONE!

Thinking of a cool keepsake for your guests? The SUGAH Photo Booth captures and prints memories. Your guests will be able to leave your event with a souvenir that they’ll most likely keep close to them. Photos from photobooths always seem to end up on your fridge door or on your cubicle at the office.  Now THAT is a keepsake (good for your brand too!).

4. Express your your style

Sugah Photo Booth for Moet Chandon At Diner En Blanc Port of Spain 2017Each Sugah photo booth is a customizable branded experience. Physically  we can provide banners , backdrops and custom props that matches the THEME of your event. We can even WRAP the booth to your theme! On the digital side each photo  is placed into a uniquely stamped image that reflects your personal touch. We can even go the extra mile and provide printed sleeves for each printed image (also good for your brand !).

5. Learn about your guests

Now that your event is filled with happy guests, use the SUGAH Photo Booth to learn more about them! A quick survey of already focused guests can provide a wealth of information about your attendants. A few taps and you can find out age, sex and if they liked the free corn soup! (also also good for your brand !)

6. A Sugah Photo Booth Gets Social!

A great photo will always be shared! Get your hashtag trending, by letting your guests post directly to popular social channels. Your Instagram , facebook and twitter feeds will be flooded with fantastic images form your event!  (also also also good for your brand !)


We provide you with many options to book the SUGAH Photo Booth that is just right for your event. Give us a call at 1 (868) 222 2199 to find out what is right for you! Or follow this link to start the booking procedure.

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